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Go-posix-time and onvif-cam-poll

Here is a short text about how I got started with using Go and ONVIF for my camera projects. I started working with the Go programming language about a year and a half ago. I was intrigued by how easy it was to create a simple script or small application and deploy it. The style […]

Graph Databases: Law Enforcement, Fraud Detection and Social Networks

Today I am introducing a talk I did as part of employee knowledge sharing during my work with Teltech as a Golang developer. Previously, I had gained some exposure to Neo4J Graph Databases during a previous contract with GraphAware. I wanted to talk about the topic while the knowledge was still fresh in my mind. […]

Developer Health

Tech Talk: Developer Health

I want to share with you this short talk I gave at Newfire Global Partners in their Tech Talk slot. The title of the talk is “Developer Health: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice”. The company held it as a virtual talk in October of 2022. We had some issues with the audio in the recording. […]