On Marketing Systems

On Marketing Systems

A couple of years ago I was working in an e-commerce specialized development agency. While I was there my boss assigned me a new client that needed a systems integrator. The client wanted to connect their webshop with the new cloud marketing systems for which they had payed a hefty licencing fee. Integrating with a […]

A Raspberry PI cluster tower with attached HDDs and network cavbles.

How To Make Your Own Raspberry Pi Data Center

Introduction This is the first part of series that describes how to set up your home data center using Raspberry Pi. In this post I will cover the list of equipment and software we will need. In addition, I will estimate the total fixed and monthly cost of the project. Finally, I will outline the […]

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Go-posix-time and onvif-cam-poll

Here is a short text about how I got started with using Go and ONVIF for my camera projects. I started working with the Go programming language about a year and a half ago. I was intrigued by how easy it was to create a simple script or small application and deploy it. The style […]

Graph Databases: Law Enforcement, Fraud Detection and Social Networks

Today I am introducing a talk I did as part of employee knowledge sharing during my work with Teltech as a Golang developer. Previously, I had gained some exposure to Neo4J Graph Databases during a previous contract with GraphAware. I wanted to talk about the topic while the knowledge was still fresh in my mind. […]

Developer Health

Tech Talk: Developer Health

I want to share with you this short talk I gave at Newfire Global Partners in their Tech Talk slot. The title of the talk is “Developer Health: Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice”. The company held it as a virtual talk in October of 2022. We had some issues with the audio in the recording. […]