How to switch from “docker-compose” to “docker compose”

The CLI API for docker compose has changed recently. It used to be a single-word command with the two words separated by a hyphen. Since docker compose became available as a docker plugin, you could also run it by calling the docker command followed by the word compose. You might run into issues if you […]

Portainer: A great web interface for my lab

Why Portainer? Works with Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes My setup consists of four Raspberry Pis scattered across three locations and a Cloud VM that ties them together in a Wireguard network. Besides a few exceptions like MySQL, I run applications using Docker. Unfortunately, I am not a Docker master. Thankfully. Portainer turned out to be […]

A Raspberry PI cluster tower with attached HDDs and network cavbles.

How To Make Your Own Raspberry Pi Data Center

Introduction This is the first part of series that describes how to set up your home data center using Raspberry Pi. In this post I will cover the list of equipment and software we will need. In addition, I will estimate the total fixed and monthly cost of the project. Finally, I will outline the […]