How to switch from “docker-compose” to “docker compose”

The CLI API for docker compose has changed recently. It used to be a single-word command with the two words separated by a hyphen. Since docker compose became available as a docker plugin, you could also run it by calling the docker command followed by the word compose. You might run into issues if you […]

How To Set Up A DNS For Wireguard

In this post I explain how to set up a DNS server that you can use inside your Wireguard VPN network. My main Wireguard node is an Ubuntu Server 22.04 machine and I choose to use bind9 as my DNS server. You can find a description of my Wireguard setup here. Installing and configuring bind9 […]

The Bourne-Again Shell

I made a simple, cheap NVR with BASH and FFMPEG

Introduction I started studying IP cameras and surveillance as a survival skill a few years ago. My family has some nice homes that we want to protect. The houses are far apart from each other. I also wanted to see the different environments and climates so that I could get that feeling of being there. […]

zigbee smart home

My Five Home Automation Improvements By Value

I began looking into home automation about a year and a half ago. I was going to do some upgrades to my apartment. Naturally, it seemed like a good time to make it a little smarter. Here are the things I installed then which I still use today. 1. Smart Lighting With Zigbee Fine control […]

raspberry pi and ubuntu

How To Boot Ubuntu Server on the Raspberry Pi

Introduction In the previous post we kicked off this series as a DIY home data center project. This second post deals with installing an Operating System on the two Raspberry Pi. If we take a look at our shopping list from Part 1, we see two USB hard disk drives listed. I will attach each […]